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Applies to products & services purchased through 12/31/09 on your MyerEmco AudioVideo account. On promo purchase, monthly payments required, but no finance charges will be assessed if (1) promo purchase paid in full in 24 months, (2) any minimum monthly payments on account paid when due, and (3) account balance does not exceed credit limit. Otherwise, promo may be terminated & finance charges assessed from purchase date. On promotions requiring a minimum payment, payments over the minimum will usually be applied to those promo balances before non-promo and other balances. If you have a non-promo balance, this may reduce the benefit from the promo. If you want to change this allocation, please call Customer Service. Standard terms apply to non-promo purchases, optional charges & existing accounts. As of 2/1/09, variable APR: 22.98% & on all accounts in default, 29.99%. Minimum Finance Charge $2.00. Subject to approval by GE Money Bank..
To apply for a MyerEmco AudioVideo credit account visit a store near you or visit to apply online.

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1. Customer Login - Use this login page if you want to log in immediately to your GE Money account to make a payment and don’t care about a pretty page with promotional information. You can also register for online access if you haven’t already. (

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3. GE Money Bank Complaints at - GE Money Bank customers express their dissatisfaction with payment posting and other business practices of the company. (

4. GE Money - Home page of GE Money Bank, where you can log in to your accounts to make payments as well as learn about and apply for other GE Money financial products. (

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In Person: You cannot make a payment on your GE Money Luxury account at any of our store locations. You can contact GE at 866-396-8254

By Mail: Your payment is due on the date shown on your billing statement. You should send your payment directly to GE Money Bank at:

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